It’s a fanmade bookmark. Not for sale.

10.18.14 @ 05:0132


Little thing I’ve been messing around with lately. Made the vector in Illustrator, and the paint texture in Photoshop. Not sure if it’s completely done, but I wanted to post what I had so far!

10.17.14 @ 21:0646


i tried something more realistic butit didn’t work out too well :( (i like it because it looks kinda cool but it not like chris) …….
 i’ll try to kinda fix the face soon…..

10.13.14 @ 16:554


for science

10.11.14 @ 20:4055

Kid!Kurt (✿◠‿◠)
For my portfolio :)

10.10.14 @ 16:49430


Sooo cute

10.05.14 @ 21:4716

10.05.14 @ 10:2321


Close-up of painting I’m possibly posting later. It was inspired by another artist’s work and I don’t want to post the whole thing unless I’m sure he’s ok with it :3 #kurtbastian #kurthummel #sebastiansmythe #theflash #greenlantern #dcuniverse #dccomics #instaart

10.01.14 @ 17:20129


Chris on OITNB! :~)
can u retweet me here please? ;-; Thank you so much!

09.29.14 @ 04:1464


sometimes when i dont want to do my homework i draw chris’ profile
because i love his nose and he is so pretty and beautiful and i love his nose

09.28.14 @ 21:26142

dear darren criss fan, chris isn’t in the picture, why did you tag him? Can you untag chris and tag the people who are actually in the picture? Can you respect chris”s tag, just for one day? One can dream.  

Can I be incredibly awful and ask for more kitty!kurt?! You're last one was puuuuurrrrfect!! ;) ;)



b likes to use the laser pointer to mess with him 

i made this in like 20 mins shuhs